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BioWare Gene Gun

The BioWare gene gun is the first gene delivery system designed on the principle of a...

BioWare Gene Gun


  The BioWare gene gun is the first gene delivery system designed based on the principle of aerodynamics in the world.
   Its nozzles are designed to use lower pressure or cheaper gas to deliver various kind of biological materials into the target cells, tissues, animals and plants effectively in supersonic speed.
  Comparing BioWare gene gun and the current products on the market, the latter is more expensive, can't be effectively clinicalized and must use gold particles as a carrier.
  BioWare gene gun's manufacturing cost is relatively low  and it is easier to use, and it is a quite competitive product of the same types of models.

The solution is atomized and accelerated to eject through the nozzle.


The high-speed continuous image of solution atomization at the nozzle outlet.


   Lightweight and easy to operate is the most important characteristic of future gene guns for clinical treatment.
   The invented apparatus implements miniaturization device with low cost.
   The prototype of the gene gun developed by our company has completed vivo tests of animal and plant in laboratory.
  Further development of product will give priority to foreign biotech instrument manufacturers or their subsidiaries in Taiwan as a partner for consultation or participation in development.

3. Application project

Currently the gene gun is mainly used in the following areas:

    1) Transgenic plant
    2) DNA vaccine
    3) Gene therapy

4. Comparison between BioWare Gene Gun and Traditional Gene Gun

       1) Characteristics of the BioWare gene gun:
            (1) Does not cause damage to the tissue, and the sample damage rate is reduced
            (2) Low pressure, low dose, low noise
            (3) Lower price
            (4) Helium can be replaced by nitrogen
            (5) No need to use gold particles as a carrier
            (6) The machine is light

       2. Disadvantages of traditional models:
            (1) Uneven distribution of particles, and damage to tissue
            (2) The resulting sonic boom is unbearable for the test animal
            (3) Machines are expensive
            (4) The sample preparation process is complicated
            (5) Small application range of delivery materials

National Innovation Award in 2002


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