Aesthetic equipment

BIO-JET Cosmetic Jet (MCDS-101 plus)

BIO-JET Cosmetics Jet is an aesthetic needle-free delivery device developed by BioWare...


  1. Principle

         Based on aerodynamics and two-phase flow theory, the gas is compressed by a patented nozzle to produce a high-speed jet, which drives the liquid atomization and enter the target at supersonic speed.

The solution is atomized and accelerated to eject through the nozzle.

The high-speed continuous image of atomization of the ejected solution.


3. performance

  • Injecting only 10% dose of the traditional syringe can achieve the best coverage
  • After the cosmetics being injected, the skin immediately absorbs the cosmetics and manifests the effect.

  • Accelerate the lateral diffusion to the treated dermis
  • Stimulate the secretion of growth factors, and show long-lasting effect
  • No need for any recovery period
  • For any skin type and any part of the body
  • Can deliver water, emulsion, cream and other types of skin care products
  • Easy to carry
The comparison table