Research results

Bio-Stem cell essence

Wrinkles are traces of aging.
Scars are the sore for a lifetime.

    BioWare synthesizes various stem cell growth factors via molecular biotechnology, to promote the stem cell differentiation and proliferation in the skin, and achieve the effect of quickly repairing scars or removing wrinkles.

1. Stem cell proliferation and activating test
     The growth rate of human stem cells treated with 


was significantly more than twice of the control group.


2. Wound repairing test
       On the 3th day after 


treatment, the effect of skin repair was significantly better than that of the saline group in animal mode.

3. Scar repairing test
       On day 30 after treatment, the skin of animals treated with saline still had obvious scars, but the scars of the skin of the animal treated with Bio-


have completely disappeared.


BioWare Bio-StemTM has been scientifically proven to treat wounds and scars effectively, and restore skin to the youthful, non-marking state.