Research results

TIPSY slightly apple wine

1. Apple wine
       According to the processing method and product characteristics, apple wine is divided into fermented apple wine, sparkling wine and fruit wine.

2. TIPSY slightly apple wine
   TIPSY slightly apple wine is a kind of sparkling wine, made by scientific rapid fermentation. It has superior taste, mellow, sweet and other tastes than others. In addition, it contains a lot of carbon dioxide bubbles in the wine, which makes the taste more dense and different from other products in the market.

The taste of TIPSY slightly apple wine is fragrant, mellow, sweet and dense.
We believe that both elderly and young people like to drink this prooduct very much.

3. TIPSY apple weak liquor making process

4. Characteristics of TIPSY slightly apple wine:
     1、 It is quickly fermented by special yeast strains, and the process is short for only five days.
     2、No spirits taste, alcohol concentration is <3% .
     3、With a special aroma, including polyols, acids, lipids and so on. 
     4、With a delicate and dense bubble taste.
     5、Contains a variety of natural nutrients, such as a variety of vitamins, phenols, flavonoids etc.

*Don’t drink and drive!*