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Needle free delivery device

Needle injection is painful and risky.
That is a nightmare for everyone.

1. Traditional syringes
      It has been about 170 years since Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood applied traditional needle syringe to medical treatment in 1853. Many persons were saved through this technique, but more and more risks and problems gradually appeared. :   
      (1) Harmful.
      (2) Painful.
      (3) The risk of cross contamination.
      (4) The risk of air embolism.
      (5) Waste of medical treatment cost.
      (6) Abundant Medical wastes.


    It is shocking to see a large number of medical wastes!

2. Needle free injector

      With the advancement of industrial material technology, the first needle free injector was approved to insulin-injection in Germany market in 1992. 
      The principle of needle free injector is to push liquid medicine into the dermal layer through high speed fluid flow or air flow, and not need penetrate the skin through the needle to exert the medicine efficacy. 
      Therefore, the needle-free injection technique is called the revolution of medical injection technique.

3. Advantages of needle free injector :
      (1) Harmless and painless, and gentle to diabetes patients.
      (2) Needle free design that decreases patient’s fear.
      (3) Safe and no risk of broken needle.
      (4) Decrease the risk of cross contamination.
      (5) Reduce the medical cost and easy to use.
      (6) Good drug diffusion.
      (7) No medical wastes.

4. Future development

      BioWare Technologies Co., Ltd. will make progress in some goals, like automatic delivery, automatic dose adjustment, automatic drug reloading, less changing frequency of medicine bottle, low pressure and high efficacy, and record system.

      Therefore, create new generation needle free delivery device with convenient, cost saving and humanity, for bringing joy of technical progress to users and recipients.